From the jungle to your hood, Phantz are taking over. 

One dusty desert day, an elephant noticed something shiny sticking out of the sand—Wayfarer sunglasses. The second the elephant placed them on his head, he was thrust through a technicolor portal, and into Phantazy Land.

With the help of the shades, and a sprinkle of Metaverse Magic, Phantz live in a concrete safari, with beautiful pastel landscapes reminiscent of a Savannah sunset, and a hot Miami night. In this world, the Phantz community runs the show. We hold together, we bond together, we grow together. In Phantazy Land, the community makes the rules. The Phantz Club is exclusive, available only to Phantz NFT holders.

Buy Phantz

Available to mint and swap on our dedicated website, Phantz are here to improve the formation of Web3 communities. Only 2822 memberships to the Phantz Club will be created, ever.


Your NFT is a unique identity and programmatically generated to provide exclusive access to the club! You need the ELA token to start stacking Phantz.


Every single Phantz that will ever exist is right here, Starting from Ph-0001. Each Phantz Token ID is assigned to a work of art and IPFS hash. Unique, one-of-a-kind and provably yours!

Phantazy Land

The Phantz Club is located in Phantazy Land and is the first programmatically generated members only club of 2822 one-of-a-kind Phantz NFTs – unique collectibles available only on the Elastos blockchain. Your Phantz is more than a digital rarity, it’s your membership card.

This scarce item will give you access to member’s only benefits that include: Private Chat, DeFi % Boost at Glide Finance, Treasury, DAO voting, and more.


Benefits are unlocked by the community based on target sell through percentages. Join us to open the club!

  • [1%] Treasury Begins | 790 ELA

  • [10%] Treasury Increase | 2822 ELA

  • [25%] Available on Elacity Marketplace

  • [50%] Reveal Rarities OPEN

  • [50%] Treasury Increase | 5000 ELA OPEN

  • [75%] Web3 Social Dashboard | OPEN

  • [100%] Treasury Increase | 10000 ELA OPEN

  • [100%] Open Club | Treasury to DAO OPEN

Creator Address
Contract Address0xfDdE60866508263e30C769e8592BB0f8C3274ba7