Welcome to the Club

The Phantz Club is the first programmatically generated art collection of 2822 one-of-a-kind Phantz NFTs – unique collectibles available only on the Elastos blockchain. Your Phantz is more than a digital rarity, it’s your membership card. This scarce item gives you access to member’s only benefits that include: Private Discord, the Phantz Club, and DAO. Benefits are unlocked by the community based on the roadmap. Join us to open the club!

Buying Phantz are 28.22 ELA, no more, no less… ever.

  • The number 2822 is unique to the Elastos blockchain – There will only ever be 28.22m ELA and only ever 2822 Phantz.
  • Each Phantz is unique and programmatically generated from 6 unique traits (head, eyes, mouth, body, skin, and background) with 100+ variations ranging in rarity.
  • Phantz are stored as tokens on the Elastos blockchain and hosted on IPFS (see provenance).
  • 1 Phantz = 1 vote
  • All verified owners become members of the Phantz DAO
Sell ThroughWhat Happens?!SoldTreasury
1%DAO Treasury Begins28790.16 ELA
10%Member’s Only Discord2822822 ELA
25%Treasury to DAO wallet705???? ELA
50%Reveal Rarities1411???? ELA
75%Member’s Choice2116???? ELA
100%Phantz Club DAO2822???? ELA